Monday, January 19, 2015

A look back: "Hand Grenades and Stilettos" by Stratos

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the mp3 release of "Hand Grenades and Stilettos" by Stratos.

Hand Grenades and Stilettos
Copyright 2010 Winged Warrior Publishing (ASCAP).  All Rights Reserved!
Song Length = 4:24
Audio = Stereo MP3
Sample Rate = 44,100 Samples/Second
Bit Rate = 192 Bits/Second

Theme = Things are heating up for our hero and the bad guys!

Style = Cinematic / Soundtrack

"Hand Grenades and Stilettos" was the second single released under license with Crafty Games for a proposed full-length CD, Spycraft - The Soundtrack, that never got off the ground.

Early comments on the imagery "Hand Grenades and Stilettos" invokes include:

  • "I feel like I'm travelling in a small car around the high cliffs over the Pacific Ocean, fast and careless."
  • "It makes me imagine a secret agent smoothly sliding between crowds dancing on a yacht off the coast of somewhere tropical, then equally smoothly disarming the security system in the cabin below and acquiring the secret files."
  • "It has that sultry, tropical nighttime feel to it."
  • "I see a sunset in the Caribbean as our hero observes his target; of course his target is an incredibly beautiful woman and this confrontation will only end one way..."

Spycraft - The Soundtrack was to feature music styles inspired by the Bond, Bourne and Mission Impossible movies, Chuck, 24, Alias and more. Spycraft - The Soundtrack is part of the Universe87 catalog (cyberpunk / espionage / post-apoc / modern music) from Bailey Records Composition and Sound Design.  Additional Universe87 catalog releases include Autumnal Slumber (Bailey Records, April 1, 2003), Warlands - The Soundtrack (Bailey Records, April 21, 2009) and others.

"Hand Grenades and Stilettos" is composed and arranged by Stratos of Bailey Records Composition and Sound Design - the team that brought you the Origins Award-nominated Universe87 Campaign Setting Soundtrack (Bailey Records, 2005).

"Hand Grenades and Stilettos" was released exclusively on DriveThruRPG, and

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