Monday, May 25, 2015

#MusicVideoMonday: "It's Alive!" by Stratos

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of  the mp3 release of "It's Alive!" by Stratos. To celebrate, we've released this music video featuring our resident mad scientist - Dr. Kaos!

Copyright 2010 Winged Warrior Music Publishing (ASCAP).  All Rights Reserved!
Song Length = 04:00
Audio = Stereo MP3
Sample Rate = 44,100 Samples/Second
Bit Rate = 192 Bits/Second

Style = Cinematic / Soundtrack
Theme = An ode to mad scientists and monster creators everywhere!

Dark ambience.  Terrifying sounds.  Spine-tingling melodies.  This is Horrific Universe!

"It's Alive!" features vocal samples and diabolical laughter by Stratos' friend Beetoons (J.D. Larabee). The song also features some electricity zaps, heartbeat, and other sound effects to further accentuate the mad scientist theme that inspired this song. Beyond the samples, "It's Alive!" is a blend of modern electronic beats, synths, organic percussion, and atmospheric pads.

Horrific Universe: 12 Months of Horror features dark ambience, terrifying sounds, and spine-tingling melodies inspired by countless sources of horror media. "It's Alive!", as with the majority of songs on the album, is designed to be generic for use with any horror medium. Horrific Universe: 12 Months of Horror is part of the Horrific Universe catalog (dark ambience / horror music) of Bailey Records Composition and Sound Design. Additional Horrific Universe catalog releases include Deterioration Furthers, Songs From and Inspired by The Charnel Gospel (Bailey Records, May 4, 2004).

"It's Alive!" is composed, arranged, and produced by Stratos of Bailey Records Composition and Sound Design - the team that brought you the Origins Award-nominated Universe87 Campaign Setting Soundtrack.

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