Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Release - Kaiju Kaos: Tales of Kaos, Volume 2

Now available - Kaiju Kaos: Tales of Kaos, Volume 2

A short story fiction anthology by Bryan K. Borgman (aka Stratos). Cover by Jamie Snell. Interior artwork by JB Roe with Sean Forney, Robert Shum & Scott Jones.

The modern world as we know it ceased to exist in 2003 when the Rift, a mysterious tear in the space-time continuum, opened up and Hell itself spewed forth onto planet Earth. Long-dormant arcane powers and abilities once believed to be myth suddenly manifested in unsuspecting hosts, while those apparent charlatans who truly had a finger on the pulse of the supernatural unknown found their powers doubled or tripled in strength.

Creatures that go bump in the night and ancient deities reappeared around the globe to spread terror and destruction. Terrible, enormous, 50-foot-tall monsters with feet the size of automobiles emerged from the oceans, crawled out from crevices, or arrived from outer space for reasons unknown.

The United Nations formed an elite unit of the best and brightest soldiers and Specialists from around the world to answer this new Kaiju threat. Meanwhile, greed, corruption, and curiosity drove others to arms in an effort to harness the powers awakened by the Rift and cause further chaos while positioning themselves in places of power. Still others suffered such personal loss that vengeance became their only motivator in entering the fight. And others were driven by belief and conviction, the elements of their faith rejuvenated by the powers unleashed by the Rift.

Now, we stand poised on the edge of extinction. A new status quo must emerge, for the very survival of the human race hangs in the balance.

Kaiju Kaos: Tales of Kaos, Volume 2 contains 4 short stories centered around cryptids and the Christmas holiday / winter as well as an illustrated Timeline to the Future: 2015. These bits of fiction serves as an introduction to the world of Kaiju Kaos and as a series bible to inspire game play.

Short stories included in this anthology: 

  • Peril in Point Pleasant (a short story featuring Scarlet Huntress, Maddox & Mothman)
  • Jingle Bells (a short story featuring Krampus & Raven)
  • The Yeti Incident (a short story featuring Line Drive & a Yeti)
  • Practical Gifts (a Christmas short story featuring Line Drive & Gadget)

Early reviews:
“These short stories encompass creepiness, creativity and nostalgic memories for me...There’s no break in the action from beginning to end... totally cool stuff from Mr. Borgman.” – Jeff Wamsley, author of Mothman: Behind the Red Eyes and curator of the world’s only Mothman Museum (

“Kaos erupts as the realm of cryptozoology is unleashed on the human psyche. Real world myths and legends from our past confront the unexpected and leave them emotionally distraught. These stories explore the real world psychological trauma of coming face to face with fear and dealing with the emotional aftermaths of such an encounter.” – Rik Alvarez, Play With This Too

“Borgman serves up an intoxicating blend of action, horror, and cryptid craziness in his latest Kaiju Kaos collection. Realistic and absorbing, each tale leaves readers wanting more monsters!” – Mark Matzke, Monsterland Ohio (

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