Kaiju Kaos Game Stats

A Faction is a group of close-knit characters that fight for the same cause whether an ideology, a paycheck, or somewhere in-between. There are eight primary Factions in Kaiju Kaos. Select a Faction that appeals to you and then build an army to fight against your opponents.

In addition to Factions, there are Mercenaries. Mercenaries come in all shapes and sizes. Mercenaries in Kaiju Kaos are often lumped into subgroups such as Creatures of Kaos Island, Cryptids, Dragons, the Forces of Decay, or acolytes of the Planet Devourer. Whether a Mercenary is an individual or from a subgroup, the model can be added to any army if the Build Points and Alignment permit.

Below is a list of the various Factions in Kaiju Kaos: The Miniatures Game and Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown. Click through to learn more about each Faction and where you can buy their game stats for use in our tabletop miniatures game.

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