Friday, May 22, 2015

#KaijuKaosWeek Concludes: "The Long Journey"

#KaijuKaosWeek concludes with the release of this new video. 5 years ago today, a public journey began. 5 years ago today, at AnCon 2010 in Hudson, OH, I ran the first public game of Kaiju Kaos for two willing players (Mark & Brian). The journey to that get there began in early Fall 2009 and continues to this very day as new figures are created, new music is released, and new players join the fold. Thank you for being on this journey with us... here's to another 5 wonderful years!

The Long Journey
Copyright 2015 Winged Warrior Publishing (ASCAP).  All Rights Reserved!
Song Length = 3:41
Audio = Stereo MP3
Sample Rate = 44,100 Samples/Second
Bit Rate = 192 Bits/Second

Genre: Cinematic / Soundtrack
Theme: Chronicling the travels of the Positarians to Earth.

"The Long Journey" by Stratos is track #17 on Kaiju Kaos: The Soundtrack, Volume 2 (Bailey Records, 2015).

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