Thursday, October 29, 2015

This week in review... and Halloween!

Life is so busy these days and my release schedule has been so aggressive, that I find myself forgetting to regularly update this site. Sorry about that. This week has a lot going on so here's one big data dump!

On Monday, October 26, I released a new video on Youtube for #MusicVideoMonday. The video, seen above, is for "Bailey Records Fanfare [Horrific Mix]". The video marks the 5th anniversary of the release of this song as an mp3 single at DriveThruRPG and related websites. Monday also marked the 5 year anniversary of the release of Horrific Universe: 12 Months of Horror by TW Cory and Stratos.

Also launching on Monday is the annual Trick or Treat Sale at most of the DriveThru family websites. All Bailey Records music and many of our PDFs are currently 33% off until 10am Central on November 2nd.

In Kaiju Kaos news...

Last week we released OTMFG Stat Cards, Set 01 which provides game stats for characters like Zombie Pheyden, Brocotal, 3DRetro Robot and more. Yesterday, I bundled all 4 decks of OMFG Stat Cards together with the OTMFG cards to make an awesome, all-in-one October Toys Gift Set. This bundle is exclusive to the Bailey Records Storenvy page. Check it out here.

Also on Wednesday, October 28, I released Rise of the Beasts Stat Cards, Set 01. This is our first collaboration with Jon Karis and Plastic Imagination. His figures are a lot of fun and I'm really happy with how they play in Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown. Check out Rise of the Beasts Stat Cards, Set 01 at the following locations:

Next Wednesday, I plan to release a new book in our Art of Kaiju Kaos Coloring Book series. This PDF download and print-on-demand book will feature the 31 drawings I did for #Drawlloween & #Inktober 2015 challenge. Stay tuned!

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