Monday, November 16, 2015

#MusicVideoMonday: "Sunlight [holiday instrumental mix]"

Celebrating 5 years of techNO*EL, we release another new video featuring track 14, "Sunlight [holiday instrumental mix]" by Stratos.

"Sunlight [holiday instrumental mix]" is a remix of an original song written by Micah Klotz and produced by Stratos. This is one of two remixes of the song by Stratos; the other remix appeared on the PlastiqMusiq compilation album called Unheard Artists Compilation, Volume 4 (PM0023). Sunlight was a regular song in Stratos’ live shows and was often remixed depending on the venue or season. In 2003, Stratos included Sunlight [holiday instrumental mix] in his set list at shows. The song was released on techNO*EL (Bailey Records / November 4, 2003) and has now been remastered and re-released for your enjoyment.

Happy Holidays!