Tuesday, October 11, 2016

[New Release] Robots for Smackdown!

Here's what's new -> Kaiju Kaos: Robot Stat Cards, Set 01

This deck contains Stat Cards for the following characters:

  • Anconian Robot – Scout Specialist, Anconian Confederation
  • Anconian Robot – Support Specialist, Anconian Confederation
  • Beng-Arii Robot – Reconnaissance, Beng-Arii Syndicate
  • Beng-Arii Robot – Support Specialist, Beng-Aii Syndicate
  • Mercenary Robot – Anti-Vehicle Specialist, Mercenary
  • Mercenary Robot – Scout Specialist, Mercenary
  • SMF Robot – Combat Engineer, Special Mission Force
  • SMF Robot – Reconnaissance, Special Mission Force

This deck also contains one Collectible Trading Card:

Purchase your copy of the PDF or print-on-demand cards today!

The game stat directory pages for the following Kaiju Kaos factions have also been updated to reflect this new release:

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New game stat cards coming on October 25... Galaxxor!

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