Monday, August 31, 2015

#MusicVideoMonday: "Horrors of Oith" by Stratos

Horrors of Oith
Copyright 2010 Winged Warrior Publishing (ASCAP).  All Rights Reserved!
Song Length = 04:09
Audio = Stereo MP3
Sample Rate = 44,100 Samples/Second
Bit Rate = 192 Bits/Second

Style = Cinematic / Soundtrack
Theme = Dark ambience. Disgusting sounds. Deranged humor.

Dark ambience. Terrifying sounds. Spine-tingling melodies. This is Horrific Universe!

What do you call a shattered world inhabited by the descendants of cockroaches, worms, snack cakes, and stranded aliens? A world where the arcane secrets of hocus pokery, dementalism, smellcasting, and holy rolling are commonplace? A world where you can battle hideous beasts and then enjoy a light lunch at the Primordial Soup Kitchen? Low Life is the answer you seek as you explore Mutha Oith and all its splendor and gory.

"Horrors of Oith" is the eleventh release from Horrific Universe: 12 Months of Horror (Bailey Records, 2010) and the fourth song composed by Stratos that is inspired by the roleplaying game, Low Life - Rise of the Lowly (Mutha Oith Creations, 2007). "Horrors of Oith" features a variety of sounds established on the previous Low Life-inspired songs with a new blend of percussion, electric guitars, and keyboards. This intent of this song is to further set the tone and feel of the perverse world of Mutha Oith while also be generic enough for games masters to enjoy and use with whatever imagery is stirred up in their own minds' eye.

Horrific Universe: 12 Months of Horror is part of the Horrific Universe catalog (dark ambience / horror music) of Bailey Records Composition and Sound Design.

"Horrors of Oith" is composed and arranged by Stratos of Bailey Records Composition and Sound Design - the team that brought you the Origins Award-nominated Universe87 Campaign Setting Soundtrack.

Album cover artwork by Jocelyn Kane -
Horrific Universe logo by Cline A. Siegenthaler -

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