Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Kaiju Kaos Releases: Kongo, Ragnarokk & Oriomnizoa!

Hello! Excited to announce that three gigantic new releases were made today for Kaiju Kaos by our partners over at Acheson Creations.

kk0403 - $45.00
Ragnarokk is the leader of the Rokk Monsters. The Rokk Monsters are member of the Everfolk. Ragnarokk takes his responsibility as a leader very seriously and often leads the charge against anyone or anything threatening the ecology of planet Earth. Ragnarokk was the first of his kind to fight alongside Special Mission Force when the humans encountered the vile Forces of Decay.

Ragnarokk has a 5” integral base and stands 8” tall (base to top of head). Ragnarokk comes in 4 large pieces and requires assembly. Sculpted by Cline A. Siegenthaler.

kk0625 - $25.00
Kongo is a giant ape who lords over all the other creatures of Kaos Island. Born of the Rift, Kongo possesses semi-human intelligence and great physical strength utilized in self-reservation. Since his discovery, humans and creatures alike have hunted the giant apes for sport and food. When the Beng-Arii Syndicate built a base on Kaos Island, Kongo retreated deeper into the prehistoric wilderness.

Kongo has a 4” base and is 7.5” tall (base to boulder). The ape is cast as a single piece with a separate base. Sculpted by Cline A. Siegenthaler.

kk0626 - $20.00
The origin of the colossal "space germ" code named Oriomnizoa the Pestilence Monster by SMF scientists is unknown. What is known. however is that the creature, and others like it, first appeared in late 2013 and is incredibly difficult to destroy. Immobile, Oriomnizoa waits for its prey to come near and then grabs with its agile tentacles. Another nickname for Oriomnizoa is "Hellmouth".

Oriomnizoa has a 6” base with tentacles that reach about 3" above its gnarly maw. The base of the creature is cast as one piece with two separate tentacles requiring attachment. Sculpted by Cline A. Siegenthaler.

Kaiju Kaos game stats for each of these characters can be purchased here ->

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